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5 tips to have perfect hands in winter

5 tips to have perfect hands in winter

Do your hands get dry in winter? Welcome to the club. But don't worry in the least because It is normal. The humidity, the cold… And on top of that, we now use hydroalcoholic gel as another hygiene product. 

As a result, the combination can be fatal for your hands.

I give you the solution: it is easy to prevent them from suffering too much and from cracking with simple care.

I tell you the ones that for me are essential to keep my hands hydrated, soft and protected all winter.


Put these 5 tips into practice so that your hands do not suffer from the cold

Along with the face, the hands are the most exposed part of the body in winter. Keeping them healthy and beautiful is not complicated at all if you follow these tips.


1. Gloves, whenever you can

If you don't protect your hands from the cold when you go outside, be sure that they will suffer. Lair humidity combined with low temperatures It will cause the skin to dry out and end up cracking. 

Putting them in your pockets is a half solution. In a while you have forgotten and you already have them exposed. That's why it's best to put comfortable, flexible gloves that let you retain a little touch.

If you are not used to it and it seems uncomfortable to always go out with gloves, believe me when I tell you that it is a matter of getting used to it. and choose a pair that molds to you like a second skin.

Then you won't want to live without them.

I also want to remind you of the gloves to do housework. Im-pres-cin-di-bles. Do not succumb to the rush and start working without them. Chemical products, hot water, friction... they can wreak havoc. 


2. Use quality soap

We all have internalized that hand hygiene is essential and that we must wash them many more times than we used to before Covid.

The question is that poor quality soap or that it is simply not the one that best suits your skin, it can be fatal for the hands. 

It is best to try, always with soaps from good brands. If you have doubts, you can ask your pharmacy or parapharmacy which ones they can recommend for you. avoid abrasions or drying out.

In these times, you also see advertising for antibacterial soaps. If you are tempted to try them… go ahead. But you know that it is not clear that they do much more than a normal soap, if you wash your hands correctly and long enough.

It is much better to opt for one with moisturizing properties, enriched with some oil: almonds, shea, laurel, olive… 

By the way, whenever you can choose the most environmentally friendly option, without waste or zero waste. I'll leave it there for it to sink in.


3. Hydrates and protects

Moisturizing hand cream has to go where you go. Take advantage of any moment to throw yourself a little and recover the natural moisture of the skin.

For day to day you can choose a non-greasy cream, of which are absorbed in seconds and let you continue to function normally.

But at the end of the day, hydrate them with a nourishing, restorative cream or even directly with some essential oil.


4. Pamper your nails

Why are the great forgotten, when we talk about the cold? Your nails suffer as much as your hands, so give them a little attention so that they do not accuse the winter too much.

It's not really difficult, you just have to remember, every time you put moisturizer on your hands, to massage the nails so that the cream penetrates well and the circulation is activated.

As for basic care, keep them all winter. Manicure is necessary to have healthy and strong nails, and thus the cuticles do not dry out. 

If you don't want to give them color (for what?, you will say, if you always wear gloves), don't do it. It's the best time to let your nails breathe


5. Renew bracelets and rings

Since you are going to have perfect hands this winter, why not give them a gift? So when it's time to show them off, They will be spectacular. 

Try a ring that does not have very large stones so that it does not bother you or get tangled up when wearing many layers of clothing, such as Minerva ring. 


I suggest you explore a little and dare to go out of the ordinary. How about trying other types of gold, besides the one you know? try with the white, rose or black gold.

So get out of the routine and you give your hands a special air.

What do you think? I believe that if you follow these tips your hands will be spectacular throughout the winter. doDo you have any more routine you want to tell me? I would love to know what it is!