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💫 SALES -25% 💫 -5% extra on orders +80€

💫 SALES -25% 💫

-5% extra on orders +80€


What are the types of bracelets?

Learn about all the types of bracelets available at Adamina Jewelry! Bracelets have been key accessories that have conquered the world of fashion and jewelry since ancient times.

Rook piercings: a bold and modern style

Discover how rook piercings, with their unique placement and design, become a symbol of style and boldness. Learn about its placement, care, and how to select jewelry...

Christmas Jewelry: the perfect gift

Discover the perfect gift this Christmas with Adamina: jewelry that captures the festive spirit and the hearts of your loved ones. Read on to find that special piece that will...

Does rose gold go bad? Myth or truth?

Rose gold, with its warm, elegant glow, has captured hearts, but is its beauty as lasting as it seems? Find out if the rumors about its wear and tear are a myth...

What is cubic zirconia?

A brilliant and affordable alternative to diamond, cubic zirconia stands out for its luminous intensity and hardness. Created synthetically, it offers a variety of colors and an impeccable design, ideal for jewelry...


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