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With the arrival of good weather we feel more like wearing our hair up; bows, pigtails, braids, semi-updos… The advantage of this? ¡That our piercings look more visible and shine more in the sun! Accessories take on more prominence in our looks and give us that touch that sometimes we can't achieve with garments. But what if I told you that piercings are more than an accessory and have benefits for our health?

The use of piercings and perforations in history has been marked by hierarchical, religious and medical social beliefs. The tribes were the individuals who most used these accessories as a sign of social rank and maturity. However, its use does not begin to become global until the XNUMXth century during the English Renaissance, where the nobility communicated their power through these small ornaments. It did not begin to be seen as an accessory without guesswork until the fifties when Ear Piercing Parties emerged.; parties where young Americans pierced each other. Social fashions developed their style under these accessories until in the XNUMXs fashion exploded and began to be used among all types of clothing and ages. 

The idea associated with healing properties is developed by acupuncture. In Chinese medicine, acupuncture focuses on key organs located in the ears, face, and feet. Sticking a small needle into one of these key areas of each limb could significantly improve pain and disorders in the body. The ear has more than 200 key points in which body-mind are connected, for this reason auriculotherapy has emerged; acupuncture directed to the outer part of the ear. In this way, a piercing placed in a specific position of the ear it can have positive effects against migraines, anxiety, inflammation, and even chronic pain or weight loss. 

That is why we are going to show you which piercings have these healing remedies and which ones we would choose as pieces for them. 


Placed in the crease of the ear, it is associated with:

  • Improvement of migraine symptoms: Several studies have been carried out that show that, although it does not completely eliminate the symptoms, it does markedly improve the degree of pain of migraines.
Kiara Ferragni always knows how to wear this ear piercing very well. Would you do it to improve your migraine? 


If you are thinking about getting this piercing or you just want to change the jewel and you like to make your ear shine, the Sasha ear piercing is for you.

If you like to wear simpler pieces, but still look cute, we recommend ear loop piercing M; a simple earring that will give that special touch to your ear.


Hand in hand with the former as a headache reducer is the Tragus Ear Piercing, placed in the cartilage in front of the ear canal.

  • Not only reduces the symptoms of migraines but also reduces appetite!. All this because the area in which it is placed causes stimulation of the 'vagus' nerve; a nerve that runs from the ear to the entire body.

This ear piercing is worn by many celebrities, and all of them know how to take advantage of it. An example is Paula Echevarría, who wears it wonderfully.


Write down these options for your tragus, they are ideal! If glitter is your thing, the Lea ear piercing is for you. 


If you want something simpler, you Tragus piercing needs the Libra jewel. This gold colored ear piercing will give that different touch to your ear without attracting too much attention. 



It is located in the spiral area of ​​the ear, hence its name Concha. Benefits:

  • Calm chronic pain and relax your muscles.

Zoë Kravitz is one of the celebrities who wear this earring and who have brought the need to have it to Hollywood.

With our Piercing Loop Balls your Concha piercing will draw everyone's attention.

Is this ear piercing too much for you? Don't worry, we have an alternative for you that you will love if you want it to be more discreet: our Alia ear piercing.


Another of the best known ear piercings. This earring sits on the outer edge of the ear and has many positions along the cartilage. Benefits:

  • The Helix is ​​known for its ability to reduce allergies and improve congestion and sore throats. Quite a hoot for these days when allergies are triggered by spring!

One of the celebrities who is wearing this ear piercing is Selena Gómez


Give a special touch to your Helix or Propeller piercing with the Liebe ear piercing, an earring that does not finish closing and that has white zircons at its ends. 

Although it is always a wise option to put on an earring. They are classic, but there are so many design possibilities that surely one of them fits 100% with your personality.

For example, if you want to give shine and elegance to the Ear piercing Eternity M It is perfect for any plan and occasion. 


It is the same as the previous one, but located in the front part of the cartilage of the ear. Its properties also change:

  • The Front Helix stands out for its muscle relaxation ability and improved blood flow.

The Helix is ​​a super extended and flattering piercing that numerous celebs An ear piercing model that we love how it fits on the helix is ​​the Piercing Origin M. Her zircons will give a touch of elegance to your ear and to your outfits.

Although the difference is also found in simplicity, that is why the Levi ear piercing It is a great option for your day to day.

And now that we know the history of piercing and its healing capabilities, what do you think? Would you do any of them? Surely yes! Not only because of the properties they offer, but because they give a super stylish touch to the ear. 


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