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Ideas that will drive you crazy: winter trends in hairdressing

Ideas that will drive you crazy: winter trends in hairdressing

Tick-tock, is your inner clock telling you that is it time for a makeover? Then you are in the right place. A makeover is what you need. 

Ah, but do it keeping in mind trends for this fall/winter and so you are safe.

Take a look and get inspired. Surely here you will find what you are looking for to give your hair the change you are looking for.


What do you fancy? Choose your cut among these trends in hairdressing

Does it happen to you too, that sometimes the body asks you to change your image? As I know myself, I already know that the arrival of autumn calls for variations in all aspects of life. 

And yes also I like to see myself different in the mirror. 

Sometimes I launch myself for a radical change, and other times it is enough for me to some tweaks of shape or color. 

That, and renew some pieces of my wardrobe with the indispensable and necessary fall outfits. But I always stop by my stylist to open the season with any good hairdressing advice.

Do you want me to tell you what he told me this year?


Would you like to switch to short hair? I give you 3 options: Pixie, Mullet or Bowl cut

They are two cuts that I already know, and that from time to time come back from the trunk of memories to be in fashion again. 

The Pixie is a classic. short at the nape and longer on the top layers to add volume to the cut. Very suitable for fine hair or with little body.

I love this style because it goes well with any facial structure. Plus, could there be anything easier to maintain? 

From time to time we all want to go back to short hair to see ourselves different and enjoy the comfort.

The other option is the Mullet cut. Does it give you the impression that you have suddenly traveled to the 80s? sure, because It was a boom in those years and part of the 90s.



The idea is to make it shorter on the top and sides, and longer in the back. This admits many variants, of course, and is in the hands of your hairdresser or hairdresser give it a modern touch.

You have a point of sloppiness (very measured) and is easy to care for. When you do your hair at home, you won't have to work too hard, although it's a good idea to give it volume with the dryer and accentuate the waves that are formed a little, so that it looks natural. 

El bowl cut It is a very retro and quite risky haircut, but if your neck is short, it will stylize you. Will we dare to wear it in 2022?


Clavicut or renewed Bob for medium hair

Another classic that is back in fashion. Although this year we will see it a little longer it is the long bob, at the height from the shoulders (or even a little longer).

These last two years, the Bob cut has been the favorite for many. The most classic cut does not exceed the jaw, with the tips combed inwards. It is very elegant and a sure hit (for something it does not go out of style).

However, this 2022, we will lengthen the hair a little more with the so-called clavichoke, that seems to be sweeping strong and as its name indicates it is to the jaw. It is a very nineties hairstyle and it is similar to the Long bob, but if I had to choose I would go with this one, since it stylizes and flatters all kinds of people. Looks like he's going to totally win over Bob.


You like the asymmetrical look? You can bet on this effect by trimming the nape more and leaving the front ends longer.


And if you do not want to do without long hair?

Perfect. I also have options for you (this year he is making it very easy for me, because there are possibilities for all types of length).

If you have very long and well-groomed hair, I even have to bow to you, because they take the size XXL. Yes, with many layers to give it movement to the hair and give the impression of naturalness.

And it is that this year is for outfits that inspire freedom and have a youthful appearance. We will not see static or artificial cuts. If they do not transmit life, they are not a trend this year.

The only essential condition is have healthy hair, well hydrated and cared for. So whatever cut you choose, don't forget a single day your hair routines and finish with a little hair oil on the ends to give it that extra hydration you need. 


Curtain bangs or Bang envy

And one last thing you're probably wondering: Are there bangs this year? Absolutely… yes!



If you like to wear bangs you are in luck. This year all cuts can be covered to finish them with a curtain bangs or paraded to frame the face.

And now it's your turn! why don't you tell me what changes do you have in mind? Does it coincide with any of the ones I have proposed or do you have other ideas? I'd love to know How are you going to change your look this winter?