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Celebrating Chinese New Year in Madrid: Welcome, Tigre!

It's time to say goodbye to winter and let spring in. And what better way to do it than celebrating in style the entrance of the Chinese New Year. A few days of celebration to leave behind the Year of the Ox and receive the Year of the Tiger as it deserves.

But don't worry, you don't have to travel the almost 10.000 kilometers to Beijing. If you go to Madrid is enough.

There is a program cultural and festive activities very attractive, with options to choose according to what you most want to do. So if you have a few days, take advantage and immerse yourself in one of the most colorful celebrations in the capital.

Shall we take a look at the program?


3 + 1 suggestions to receive the Year of the Tiger in Madrid

The Chinese year begins on February 1. It is the first day of the year according to the Chinese lunar calendar and it is a tradition that is more than 4000 years old. 

The celebrations, however, start earlier, in the last days of January. This is how the change of cycle is prepared to welcome the new season, that is why it is also known by the name of spring Festival

This year we will have to make the most of it because there is accumulated desire. In 2021 only virtual celebrations were organized due to covid. Global streaming connections were made to follow the events and the programming was very interesting... but it's not the same. We like much more that the party is in the street, true?

So this time (I cross my fingers that the pandemic allows us) we are going to celebrate the arrival of the tiger overhand.

The first thing you have to know is that the activities are concentrated in the districts of Usera in first place, followed by Arganzuela and Moncloa-Aravaca, which is where the Chinese community in Madrid has an important presence; in fact, it is the foreign community with the most people registered.


1. Light Festival and Great Multicultural Parade

For this you have to go to the heart of Usera. They are the central events and the ones that will connect you the most with the party, because you will feel that you are immersed in one of the great Chinatowns that are all over the planet.

During the previous days, the neighborhood boils. The neighborhood participation of the Chinese community is important. Neighborhood, cultural and artistic associations collaborate with each other. Activities of all kinds are organized, such as street performances, music, workshops, crafts. 

It is a good time to approach with the aim of connect with Chinese culture and learn some new skill. The climax is the parade known as Great Multicultural Parade.

The festivities close with the Festival of Light, in the Pradolongo park. A fireworks finale. Light and sound to welcome the Year of the Tiger.


2. Traditional Chinese food

It is a great time to broaden your sights and get a little closer to the authentic Chinese culinary tradition: a spectacular festival of flavors, and ancient traditions that merge with the latest generation cuisine.

What are you already wanting more? Well of course. that's what it's for Chinataste, a gastronomic festival that takes place in February. To stay up to date with the show, you can follow the official Twitter or Instagram account, where you can take a look at what's cooking (literally) last year.

This year, we hope that it will be convened again the cooking contest. In the previous edition, more than 80 people participated, including Spaniards and Chinese residents in Spain. They learned how to cook three typical Chinese New Year dishes via YouTube, under the orders of Mr. Jiang Hao, chef of the Embassy. If you like to cook here you have a good experience.

And if what you want is to sit down directly to eat, this is also your moment. in the days more than a dozen Chinese restaurants participate, with authentic traditional dishes that are worth trying .


3. Calligraphy workshops

And other things! They are organized by the Confucius Institute in Madrid to celebrate the entry into the Year of the Tiger. there are for adults and for children, places are limited and have a price of 10 euros. 

I leave the topics here, but I recommend you consult Confucius Institute website for more information:

  • Introduction to calligraphy
  • Cantachina children's workshop: learn Chinese by singing
  • Chunlian: discover the calligraphy of vertical couplets
  • Tell me a tall tale: Nian's story
  • Knots workshop: Tying-you
  • Paper cut workshop: decorate your house with paper
  • Origami workshop: Origami!
  • Create your Chinese-inspired look

    Pay your respects to the Land of the Rising Sun by rummaging through your wardrobe for clothing that pays homage to the country's incredible cultural wealth. 

    There are so many options that it is impossible for me to choose just one, but if you want to go extra elegant, with a quipao you can't go wrong. 

    And of course, if you add a suitable jewel, you round off your look so that it is perfect. Stay with large earrings that stand out, pendants and color. Like the wanda earrings, for example. 

    Did I miss something interesting? do you know any more activity not to be missed? I'd love for you to tell me which one and we'll add it to the agenda!


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