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Goodbye to Blue Monday: tricks for optimism

Well, the (presumably) saddest day of the year has its place in the calendar: It is Blue Monday and in 2022 it falls on January 17.

That day is when more people around the world are sadder. Does it happen to you?

I hope not, but just in case I'm going to leave you here some tricks so that this year you get along much better.


Why Blue Monday is (supposedly) the saddest day 

On Monday are not the most appreciated days at any time of the year, fair or unfair. That's because on Sunday night we already begin to think, with a mixture of laziness and resignation, that the weekend is over. 

Once again the week begins with all the routines that they do to us arrive at Friday with an infinite desire to disconnect.

No, Mondays are the great rejected of the calendar. And if that wasn't enough, it has been decreed which is the darkest of all: Blue Monday, the (most) sad Monday. 

And since it is one of the first to appear on the calendar, the other fifty or fifty-one Mondays that remain (depending on the year) can breathe easy, because From Blue Monday things can only get better.

And why is this so?

Now I get a little more serious: you have an explanation.

It is true that some people, as soon as the whole Christmas and New Year's period is over, they feel sadder or more unmotivated.

And it is also true that at that time The number of diagnoses of depression is on the rise. There is not a single reason, but a sum of factors: 

  • Going back to work is not a moment that we want to come, or it is not usual. For most people it meansNo important stress that you have to know how to fit in.
  • The holidays and that magical halo that accompanies them are over. At Christmas everything seems brighter, there are celebrations and reunions, you spend more than the average for the year... you live, in some way, a parenthesis of unreality. And going back to “business as usual” is hard.
  • The bank account can also be a reason. If you have not controlled expenses, you face a few weeks in which it will be necessary to remove the card as little as possible, to recover the balance.

The question is that that post-holiday slump can be handled, so today I am going to give you some tricks so that you can try to make Blue Monday pass soon and not leave a mark on your spirit. 


6 things you can do so that Blue Monday does not take its toll on you

Goodbye sadness! Here are a few tips to lift your spirits:


1. Moderate with good intentions

It is very good to start the year with a guide of everything we want to do, because purposes and goals are important.

But beware. Sometimes the downturn comes because we have realized that a year has passed and (once again) We haven't done everything we set out to do. 

That's why I try to be realistic with what I can and cannot cover, so as not to put too much pressure on myself. 

Another possibility is to make a list of purposes that you want to achieve yes or yes, and another with which, if you arrive, you will like to round the year. Which is a way to have all your goals in front of you, but without weighing you down too much.


2. Meditate, breathe, give thanks

Maybe what you need is to reconnect with yourself, go back to take control of emotions and review what are the strengths that will help you face the rest of the year. 


Meditating is a good way to make that Blue Monday have a positive meaning. Breathing will help you rebalance yourself, and giving thanks for all the good things in your life will reconcile you a little with the world. 

Or at least maybe You will not see everything so black.


3. Put an attractive plan on the calendar

It is important to have something written down that pulls us (and our spirit) forward. 

Therefore, as soon as you can plan a weekend with your friends in some capital that you have not yet visited, or a getaway with your partner to that nice little rural hotel that you saw on that trip.

It's winter and it's almost certainly bad weather. But you can always look for plans indoor.


4. Give yourself a day

As it is. For do what you want. What do you want to spend the day reading? Come on, nothing stops you.

Or go to the hairdresser and then to get that massage that you want so much.

Or take a car trip to anywhere nearby to clear your head and wander around places you don't know, or go see feel good movies until you charge yourself with good vibes, or… Your day is yours.


5. do exercise

If you exercise regularly, I have nothing to tell you that you don't know or have experienced more than once. If you don't, then yes, I'll tell you: physical exercise triggers the hormones of happiness.

And that's just what it takes when we're in low spirits: a dose of dopamine, another of serotonin, and another of endorphins. And also, I recommend you read this post about bodypositive, that will surely inspire you to get along better with your body.

Sport is one of the antidepressants more natural and economical (unless you go crazy buying gear you don't need). Try to take a good walk in nature and then tell me.


6. Look pretty

When you look good, you feel better. 

Spend some time creating a special make-up, try that slightly more risky combination of clothes, renew the color of your hair...

And of course combine your look with some special jewel that gives the final touch to your look. You've seen the Nova necklace? It sure encourages you to feel like the star you are.  

Does Blue Monday take its toll on you too? And what are you doing to trace it and leave it behind? If you share your tricks you give me ideas for next year ;)


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